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Rausch Physical Therapy

Welcome to Rausch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Our mission is to provide the best physical therapy care possible. We work with athletes and active patients to treat overuse injuries, rehab from surgery and help to prevent future injuries by treating and managing your overall health. Our hands-on approach extends beyond the traditional PT clinic by providing the latest technology in rehab and sports performance.

Our services include rehab Pilates, massage therapy, sports and medical nutrition counseling, TPI golf fitness, biomechanical bike and run right analysis, and of course one-on-one physical therapy.

We have the revolutionary Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill which allows you to exercise while you rehab from surgery or train through injury, without the pain. Alter-G unique "unweighting" technology reduces the impact of running or walking (as low as 20% of body weight) while your body goes through the normal healing process. Call for a FREE Alter-G demo.

Whether you just had surgery, trying to prevent it, or seeking to gain a competitive edge, we’re here for you. Come by and see our expanded performance facility.

Call (949) 276-5401

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